Mountain Tree Studios
Transforming Elements
Jewelry Design
“Precious” Metals
In my work, I love to celebrate uniqueness and to challenge the concept of ‘precious’ materials.
I fell in love with copper, brass and steel; with their natural beauty, reactivity and unique patinas, and it made me want to question what does “precious” really mean? Their monetary value and rarity, or their interestingness and personality?
The reactivity of copper and steel, which disqualifies them from the “Precious Metals” category, is precisely what gives them the character that fascinates me. Copper, brass and steel respond to their environment uniquely every time; giving no two patinas alike.
The ability of these metals to be unpredictable and organically evolve over time, along with my obsession with experimentation, makes each piece of jewelry one-of-a-kind! 
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